About us

Passionate about changing the world

Libélulos —as we call ourselves— are passionate, coherent, proactive people. Our nature is to create links with a purpose that transcends time. We are capable of inspiring others by being creative and communicating in a collaborative way. We are also multidisciplinary and always willing to learn and organize to make changes.

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Pia Zevallos

General Management

María Paz Cigarán

General Manager and Founding Partner

Polo Macera

Founding Partner

Maite Cigarán

Communications Manager

Marian Buraschi

Business Sustainability Manager and nexos+1

Sarah Franciscolo

nexos+1 Strategic Advisor

Hilany Buchelli

Creation and Development Assistant Manager

Monica Zarabia

Administration and Finance Manager

Victor Sánchez

Commercial Assistant Manager

Alicia Medina-Valdiviezo

Method and Project Management Manager

Luis Miguel Prado

Executive Producer

Pilar Celi

Head of Multilateral Projects