About us

Passionate about changing the world

Libélulos —as we call ourselves— are passionate, coherent, proactive people. Our nature is to create links with a purpose that transcends time. We are capable of inspiring others by being creative and communicating in a collaborative way. We are also multidisciplinary and always willing to learn and organize to make changes.

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Pia Zevallos

General Management

María Paz Cigarán

General Manager and Founding Partner

Polo Macera

Founding Partner

Maite Cigarán

Communications Manager

Marian Buraschi

Business Sustainability Manager

Sarah Franciscolo

nexos+1 Manager

Hilany Buchelli

Creation and Development Assistant Manager

Monica Zarabia

Administration and Finance Manager

Victor Sánchez

Commercial Assistant Manager

Luis Miguel Prado

Executive Producer

Pilar Celi Frías

Head of Multilateral Projects