Libélula was born to change the course

In 2007 Libélula was created to address one great challenge: to connect regional agents from the public and private sectors to face together the challenges climate change brings. Our mission is to build and empower a community of stakeholders so that with their daily actions they can build a resilient and sustainable world for all. In order to validate this commitment to sustainability, as of 2015, we are a Certified B Company.

Our course: sustainability

Today, more than ever, we know that sustainability is the only solution to the systemic problems humanity faces. That is why our experts at Libélula provide the tools and information necessary to accelerate the corporate transformation towards sustainability and resilience.

We quantify your environmental impact and identify your risks
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We design your roadmap to sustainability
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We train your team
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We communicate your projects and initiatives
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We facilitate high-impact processes
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We manage your regional projects
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A community of transformation

Since the beginning, our mission has been to build and empower a +1 community of different stakeholders who are catalyzing the transformation towards sustainability. Through our platforms and projects, we bring together businessmen, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, journalists, governments and citizens so that they can build together the resilient and sustainable world we need.


We created nexos+1 as a corporate climate action platform to demonstrate the relevance of leading companies in Peru and Latin America in the fight against climate change.

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LEDS LAC is a platform for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to cooperate and take action in support of the implementation of nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and resilient low-emission development strategies (LEDS). LEDS LAC is part of the Resilient Low-Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP).

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ConexiónCOP is the first online news agency, specialized in climate change and sustainability, with free content for journalists and thought leaders in Latin America.

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Project to Support Climate Change Management

We support the Peruvian government in the implementation of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). We implement interventions in regions in order to generate the proper climate for climate action: communication interventions, institutional agreements, capacity building and access to funds.

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Green Economy

Today, more than ever, it is crucial to join efforts in the face of climate change. Therefore, we created a community that gathers “+1”: the profile of a person who joins forces for sustainability on a personal, organizational and government level. The +1 Community multiplies the efforts for climate change.

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The Libélula team is comprised of professionals who, aside from having a deep understanding of climate impact management tools, are leaders who inspire us to do things differently and in an environmentally friendly way”

Rosa Bonilla

Sustainability Coordinator - Entel

Libélula inspires me and motivates me to take action. It puts me in contact with people who are making change, making me feel part of a great transformation”

Carmen Silva

Corporate Affairs Manager - Toyota

Libélula has conducted a serious research with clearly explained scientific results. These are a call to action for any professional who is involved or not in sustainability”

Diana De la Torre Ugarte

Manager - CBC

We thank the Project to Support Climate Change Management, SDC, Libélula and South South North, who have allowed the Regional Government of Arequipa to position itself in order to make progress in this fight against climate change. We hope to keep working with all of these entities, since the experience allows us to get closer to the population.””

Since the first contact with Libélula, we have felt accompanied and guided in this new project. It is not always easy for a company to join efforts in taking care of the environment since more than one person’s view needs to be changed, but with the help of Libélula this was much easier and fun. They are a very capable team. We will continue on this path.”

Pamela Vereau G.

Social Responsibility Senior Associate - Credicorp Capital

Sustainability trends

[Entrevista] José Marengo: “Necesitamos medidas ambientales más agresivas y eso se logra solamente a través de las políticas públicas”

Para el físico peruano, José Marengo, la divulgación del Informe de Síntesis del IPCC, sumado a los eventos climáticos que estamos presenciando, hacen más evidente la urgencia y necesidad de desarrollar acciones de mitigación y de adaptación, además de trabajar directamente con los tomadores de decisión.

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[Opinión] Recuperación verde para generar inversión sostenible

Nuevas oportunidades de negocio y trabajo para un nuevo contexto socioambiental son posibles y necesarias

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[Opinión] Cambio climático: transformar los riesgos en oportunidades de mercado

Empresas de América Latina tienen la oportunidad de crear nuevos negocios, abrir mercados, y ser más resilientes.

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