Climate ambition beyond emission numbers

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Rocío Aldana, Pía Zevallos, Henri Waisman
Acción climática
Cambio ClimáticoNDCReactivación Económica

Climate ambition beyond emission numbers – Taking stock of progress by looking inside countries and sectors

The core of the report is made of 26 country chapters and three sectoral chapters, which can be read independently to enrich the appreciation of ambition for these individual countries and sectors. The country chapters describe the recent evolutions of domestic discourses on climate ambition, national climate policy, national governance and concrete policies and actions with a significant effect on GHG emissions. Each of the chapters highlights a selection of striking and structurally important elements to advance the transformation towards carbon neutrality.

The selection of countries reflects a diversity of sizes, geographies, political and governance contexts, stages of socio-economic development and progress on climate-related dimensions, in an attempt to provide a wide variety of relevant situations.

Aumento de la ambición climática en el sector transporte
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