Express NDC: make a climate commitment and implement NDCs

Upon signing and ratifying the Paris Agreement, the transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient world is well under way. However, science tells us that it is necessary to raise the climate commitments of the countries, considering the priority stakeholders, their interests and motivations.

At Libélula, we advise countries and cooperation agencies in this process, promoting climate management to achieve global mitigation and adaptation goals. To do so, we support them in the process of building a scenario with these measures applied (identifying priorities per sector and calculating the mitigation potential, costs, co-benefits, enabling conditions, the impact on the economy, etc.) and then compare it to a scenario without those measures (“inertial scenario” or “Business as Usual”). The Determined National Contribution (or NDC) is built based on all of this, and it shows the benefits for the development of the country.