Technical information and dialogue space for the decision making process

Libelula works as a strategic partnerfor the public sector helping to define internal and external policies regarding climate change and sustainable development.

We advise public organizations on the design of processes and articulation and dialogue spaceswith the private sector, civil society and the young generation; creating specialized information, applied research and offering training platforms.

We provide inputs and accompany public servants / officials to help them incorporate a development approach that isclimate resilientand low in carbon emissions, into policy and investment design. We seek to strengthen adjustment and mitigation capabilities in the face of climate change.

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How do we do it?


Knowing how and to what degree climate change affects public policies is the first step towards designing and developing sustainable policies.

  • Assessment of climate change management

    We assess the progress, strengths and weakness of a country, region or government sector in their adjustment or mitigation actionsrelating to climate change.

  • Climatic scanning

    We assess national policies, programs or projects taking into account climate change. This allows us to identify weakness in the face of climate risks and enables us to recommend procedures or adjustments.

  • Diagnosis and risk assessments

    We identify climate risks and the tools to minimize their expected impacts, taking into consideration the relevant physical, economic and social aspects.

  • Carbon footprint and emission inventories

    These analyses allow us to estimate the amount of CO emissions directly or indirectly produced, and to establish their origin. Understanding the sources of emissions is an essential first step to guide efforts to reduce emissions.

Design, planning and implementation

We help to plan new projects that are climate resilient and low in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Development of climate change strategies

    We guide regional governments, authorities and technical groups on the development of their climate change strategies.

  • Development of strategies for low emissions development

    We can help you visualize the factors that produce CO emissions in your sector or region, as well as to strengthen investment opportunities to reduce emissions and generate savings over time.

  • Design strategies to adapt to climate change

    We aid understanding about current and future vulnerability in a region or activity and to develop adaptation strategies.

  • Design of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Measures

    We develop measures that generate emission reductions, which can be measured, reported and verified; and that have the potential to be replicated att sectorial, regional and national levels, taking into account existing abilities and socioeconomic factors.

  • Design, implementation and execution of climate change projects

    Libelula specializes in developing projects that unites public and private actors, as well as from civil society, to confront climate change. During implementation, Libelula uses a thorough tracking system to measure progress in each project, in order to guarantee successful completion.


Connect to your stakeholders and enhance your results. We help you define key messages, establish objective groups and connect with them through the most appropriate and creative means.

  • Communication strategies

    We design impact and awareness strategies to get your target audience involved with your projects and campaign objectives.

  • Communication campaigns

    We develop dynamic and creative activities to enable you to connect to your stakeholders.

  • Newsletters, publications and audiovisuals

    We produce powerful messages and publications to raise awareness, educate and broadcast specific activities, transforming hard scientific data into easy to understand communications.

  • Communication accompaniment

    During project implementation, Libelula provides you with all the strategic communication tools needed to guarantee achievement of your project goals.


We transfer abilities and stimulate your team. We insert complex concepts through simple dynamics, from a distance or in person.

  • Strategic workshops

    We help you arrange and construct the required synergies to incorporate sustainability inyour projects.

  • Virtual and in-person courses

    We carry outin-person or virtual courses to develop abilities and insert expertise knowledge in your change drivers.

  • Ecoday

    We offer a chance to break the daily routine and get people in touch with nature, creating a space for integration and learning while helping to develop a personal commitment to the environment.