We help to transform sustainable companies

We help companies to improve their competitiveness, reduce their impact on the environment and adjust theiractivities towards a sustainablefuture.

We strive to motivate change and contribute to transformations in responsible and committed organizations, based on the efforts of their own team members.

From the initial diagnosis of emissions, up to the last page of their Sustainability Report, Libelulaprovides form and substance to our customer´s initiatives and commitments to the planet.

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How do we do it?


The first step towards sustainability is to measure your carbon footprint, that is, your company’s environmental impact on the planet. Libelula helps you choose the most appropriate metric.

  • Carbon footprint

    Calculating your carbon footprintprovides an estimateof the amount of CO emissionsdirectly or indirectly produced by your company. Understanding the composition of your carbon footprint is essential to guide your efforts to reduce your emissions.

  • Ecological footprint

    An ecological footprint provides a complete diagnosis about the ecologically productive territory that your company uses to develop its products or services, as well as to assimilate its waste and impacts.

  • Hydrological or Water footprint

    A water footprint is an estimate of the total amount of fresh water directly or indirectly required to produce the goods or services for your company.


We help you plan and implement measures to reduce your impact. We walk you through the implementation of specific actions to reduce the use of energy, paper, water or waste.

  • Sustainability Program Design

    We help to clarify your ideas about the measures to reduce your footprint according to cost, opportunity and feasibility. This makes it simple to identify goals and quantify the level of effort required.

  • At your side during implementation

    We will guide you every step of the way to reduce your resource consumption and maximize the efficiency of your investment to reduce emissions.

  • Measuring your progress

    We develop key performance indicators to track, report and verify activities tools to help you estimate by how much your footprint is being reduced throughout implementation of specific activities.


Get your team involved to strengthen your corporate culture. We help you come up with initiatives that transform complex global concepts into simple action triggers to reduce your footprint.

  • Communication strategies

    We design impact strategies and produce corporate branding to get your team members, as well as other stakeholders, involved in the objectives of your Sustainability Program.

  • Communication campaigns

    Let us surprise you with dynamic and creative activities that will improve your working environment and inspire your personnel to join your environmental activities.

  • Newsletters, publications and audiovisuals

    We produce powerful messagesand publicationsto raise awareness, educateand broadcastspecific activities, transforming hard scientific data into easy to understand communications.

  • Green marketing campaign

    We help you take your initiatives out of your organization and connect with your client’s profile.

    We offer advice to make the environmental value of your products or services tangible.


We transfer abilities and stimulate your internal leaders. We insert complex concepts through simple dynamics, from a distance or in person.

  • Strategic workshops

    We help you align your team leaders’ efforts, as well as to build the synergies required to incorporate sustainability into your core business.

  • Virtual and in-person courses

    We have created in-person and virtual courses to train your upper level directors, your management and your organization as a whole.

  • Process design and facilitation

    We set participatory processes involving private and public actors, as well as from the civil society, to unite efforts in the face of climate change.

  • Strategic guidence

    We advise companies about business opportunities low in carbon emissions, with social, environmental and economic benefits, using projections with varying criteria selection.