Maria Paz Cigarán

General Manager

Industrial engineer graduate of the Universidad Católica (Caracas, Venezuela) with a graduate diploma in Air Quality Management (Japan) and training in Zurich regarding the Swiss Model of emissions and pollutant dispersion. She has participated as speaker in important world events relating to climate change in Peru and abroad.

Maria Paz was the coordinator of the Peruvian delegation for the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol negotiations and advisor the Peruvian Ministry of Environment for the Copenhagen negotiations. She possesses extensive experience in climate change project design and implementation with various organizations of international cooperation (the Netherlands, ASDI, COSUDE, JICA, GEF, World Bank). In addition, she has formed part of the Group of Lead Experts in the Revisions of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the Convention on Climate Change of the United Nations and of the Kyoto Protocol from 2001 to 2007 and she is also a member of the Group of Climate Change Experts of the CAN.

Since starting her professional career, Maria Paz has worked in environmental management and sustainable development, both in the Government (8 years) and in the private sector (7 years) particularly in climate change management.