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  • Expert information for decision making. Consulting, training and applied research on issues related to climate change and sustainable development. We support dialogue and facilitation processes to find solutions based on evidence and legitimacy. read more
  • We help you to redirect your business strategy. From the measurement and systemic view of your impacts, through reducing impacts, to the creation of new services, businesses and organization. We are here to innovate with you. read more
  • Enfoque bioclimático orientado al bienestar y a la eficiencia de recursos. Desarrollo de Techos Verdes y Paredes Verdes para acercar la naturaleza a las personas y sumar áreas verdes a la ciudad. read more A bioclimatic approach focused on well-being and resource efficiency. Development of Green Roofs and Green Walls to bring nature to people and add to the city's green areas. read more
  • What is not communicated does not exist. Communication and awareness strategies and campaigns to connect with diverse audiences and encourage good practice, a change in vision, reprioritization and leadership for sustainable development. read more

News of Interest

Accelarating decarbonization

October 21 – 22, 2013

Chatham House will host its 17th annual conference on Climate Change, which will focus on workable solutions that will help accelerate global decarbonization.

On behalf of Libelula, our General Manager, María Paz Cigarán, will participate as speaker.

More information at:

Sharing Lessons

October 23, 2013

CDKN, in partnership with the Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Global Partnership and the Overseas Development Institute, is hosting the forthcoming event, Sharing Lessons on National Low Carbon Action. On behalf of Libelula, our General Manager, María Paz Cigarán, will participate as speaker.

To attend in person or watch online, register at:

InterCLIMA 2013

Firt week of Dicember

The annual space for exchange and report of the climate change management in Perú, which this year will focus on emission management for reaching a low carbon and inclusive development.